Lakenheath, Woodland & Dovercourt Lighthouse

Lakenheath, Woodland & Dovercourt Lighthouse

Lakenheath Fen, Woodland Hide and Dovercourt Lighthouse, I’ve had a busy start to the year both running workshops and getting the time for a few personal photography shoots, to start with I met up with fellow YouTuber Mark Cooper at RSPB Lakenheath Fen in Suffolk. What a morning we had there! I got the best images of Bearded tits ever. These small birds live in reed beds and can be quite tricky to spot. We had a small flock of about twenty turn up and they stuck around for about an hour and a half. Absolutely brilliant.


Lakenheath Fen Bearded tit on reed Lakenheath Fen Bearded tit pecking reed


I’ve also been spending a lot of time at the woodland hide and have got some of my best images of woodland birds, the woodland hide is an amazing area for photography just west of Lowestoft.


woodland hide bird woodland hide birds


Last but not least, I had a fantastic sunrise shoot at Dovercourt lighthouse. I was looking at some locations along the coast for my Essex Sunrise two-day photography workshop and thought it would be worthwhile getting in a sunrise. I’m so pleased I got up early because it was quite stunning.


Dovercourt lighthouse sunrise sunrise at Dovercourt lighthouse


For more content related to Lakenheath, Woodland & Dovercourt Lighthouse, why not check out the videos we made below!




That’s about it for now, hope you are all enjoying your photography.


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