Intermediate Photography Course

Intermediate Photography Course

This six week intermediate classroom-based photography training course in Essex is designed to show you how to look at the world in a different way, giving you advice and inspiration to improve your photography. Each week this course will be covering a new area of photography. Please read on for full details of this course plus venue, times, etc:



Week one includes: creative use of focal length, lens choice, lens speed, light meters, focus, creative use of aperture and shutter speed, camera file formats, accurate exposure readings, light readings in challenging lighting conditions, various types of camera support and when to use them.

Week two includes: developing your photographer’s eye, composition (ie – rule of thirds), foreground interest, converging lines, natural frames, selective focus, separating the subject, golden ratio/golden mean, use of diagonal lines, simplifying an image, etc.

Week three (introduction to digital imaging) includes: What image format to use, levels command, hue and saturation command, selection tools, re-sizing/re-sampling an image, use of clone tool and sharpening.

Week four (light) includes: Basic qualities of light, creative use of light, how direction of light affects the subject, colour temperature, colour wheel and photographic filters.

Week five (artificial light) includes: The use of camera-mounted flash guns, studio lighting, studio accessories, lighting ratios and the creative use of artificial light

Week six (portraiture) includes: portrait lighting, posing your subject, how background affects the mood of your image, props, and how to make your portrait photography sitter look at their best.

Over this six week photography training course I aim to cover a wide range of subjects. Each one will be covered in enough detail to be useful without it becoming so technical that it leaves you cold and detracts from the picture-taking process.

The course material will be supplied as a full set of notes emailed to you after each lesson. These are yours to keep for future reference.

This course will be all the photography training needed for the intermediate photographer. It is about developing your photographer’s eye and learning how to use the skills needed to capture and produce fantastic photographs.

The lessons are classroom-based with practical advice in mind. Each week, you will be encouraged to go out and take some photographs of your own; sometimes on a specific subject but this is optional. If you don’t have time, it will not affect what is being covered during the next lesson. There will be time at the end of the lesson to assess and critique your best image of the week.

You don’t need any specialist equipment to complete this digital photography course; your regular camera will be fine.

In keeping with all my photography courses and workshops this program of lessons is designed to be run in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I think we all learn better when we are enjoying ourselves.

So whether your passion is landscape, portrait, sports, still-life or wildlife and nature photography this course will be relevant . You will learn how to use your camera more confidently and be able to communicate your ideas into fantastic images with a much greater degree of success.

Through payment of a deposit or a full payment for this course, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of our Photography Courses as stipulated on our Terms and Conditions page.

  • Price £75.00
  • Deposit £20.00
  • Contact (01245) 323519
Course Dates

This course will not be running in 2021 but we will be publishing future dates as soon as we can

The meeting room, Champions Manor Hall, Hullbridge Road, South Woodham Ferrers, Essex. CM3 5LJ.

Times: 8pm – 10pm each evening.

You can pay a deposit/full payment using the paypal button below, or please contact us on (01245) 323519 if you wish to pay by cheque/card/bank transfer



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