Beginners Photography Course – NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE

Beginners Photography Course – NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE

Beginners Level Photography from Steve Hedges

This course consists of three video lessons adding up to over one and a half hours’ of content and a comprehensive set of PDF notes. It covers all the important camera controls such as exposure modes, aperture and shutter priority, exposure histogram, exposure compensation, white balance, focus modes, area focus modes, metering modes, ISO, release modes, noise reduction and high ISO reduction modes colour space and file formats.


If you are new to photography and want to get the most out of your camera, this is the course for you.


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This course can be a stand-alone unit if you wish but it is also a very good precursor to our online intermediate photography course which goes beyond the basics to study photography in more detail.


 Lesson One: This lesson covers the auto focus options found on today’s cameras. Focus modes such as single AF, continuous AF and AF auto focus area are discussed along with how and when to use the various auto focus points on the camera. We will discuss when using single AF and a single auto focus point is the right option or when using continuous and a group of AF points would work better. By the end of this lesson you will be able to pick the right auto focus options to take a sharp image of any type of subject under a variety of conditions.

Lesson two: In this lesson we look at how to take a well exposed image. Exposures modes such are aperture priority and shutter priority are explained in detail, the exposure histogram and exposure compensation are covered along with exposure metering options such as spot metering, multi pattern metering and centre weighted metering. We also look at how and why changing the ISO is important for the image taking process.

Lesson three In this lesson subjects covered are white balance and the effect they have on the image, file formats and their pros and cons, shutter release modes, noise reduction and long exposure noise reduction modes and last but not least D lighting sometimes referred to as light optimisation.


All the skills you will be taught are easily transferable, so this course will be useful regardless of the genre of photography you are interested in. You will be able to tackle many subjects such as landscape, sports, wildlife and portrait photography.

You do not need any expensive equipment for this course. The whole point of this photography training course is to learn how to use the camera you already have. 

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