Advanced Photography Course – Now available online

Advanced Photography Course – Now available online

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This twelve lesson photography training course follows on from our beginners photography course and our intermediate course. It covers a number of creative photography subjects extending your skills to the more advanced level.

This course is suitable for students who have already taken the beginner/intermediate course or for anyone who has a reasonable level of understanding and experience of photographic imaging.


If you are unsure as to whether this course is the right level for you, please click on our beginner/intermediate photography course pages as well.

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The subjects covered during the course are:

• Shooting digital panoramic, shooting available light portraits,
• Advanced portrait posing, posing groups, studio lighting set-ups,
• Location portraits using available light,, fill-flash,
• Painting with light technique, still-life set-ups, exposure latitude,
• Integrated exposure readings and high dynamic range technique,
• Macro photography, controlling depth of field, advanced,
• Nature/wildlife photography,
• Architectural photography.

The course covers a number of subjects with practical photographic projects to complete. The assignments are not compulsory. However, because photography is a practical subject, the projects are very useful. A constructive critique of the project photographs is also a very important part of this online course. Your course tutor will also be on hand via email to answer any questions you might have in relation to the course material.

A full set of notes will be supplied with every lesson. These are yours to keep along with the video lessons for future reference.

This Advanced Photography Training course is now available online with practical elements such as setting up studio lights, still-life set-ups, painting with light techniques and night photography.

There is also a lesson entitled “creating impact and mood”.  Although this lesson is only a small part of the course, I feel it is very important because we are all striving to create an image that has the “wow” factor. This lesson will help you to achieve that aim. In fact the whole of the advanced course is designed to give you a greater understanding of the technical side of photography as well as the artistic so that you can convey your creative vision through images that really do have mood and impact.


Although this is an advanced level photography course you do not need to go and buy lots of expensive equipment. I know it’s fun buying new kit but it’s not necessary for this program of lessons.

All of my courses and workshops are conducted in a relaxed, fun, informal atmosphere. The Advanced online photography course is no different. I believe we all learn better when we’re enjoying ourselves.

Through payment of a deposit or a full payment for this course, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of our Photography Courses as stipulated on our Terms and Conditions page.

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  • Contact (01245) 323519
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Online video lessons with practical projects for you to complete.

Times: When it suits you.

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