Seabird Photography at Bempton cliffs in Yorkshire

Seabird Photography at Bempton cliffs in Yorkshire

Seabird photography at Bempton Cliffs

I had a fantastic few days running photography courses along the Yorkshire coast at Bempton Cliffs.

Bempton cliffs is truly one of the UK’s wildlife spectacles, with thousands of seabirds jostling for space on the cliffs to build a nest.

I always arrive the day before my courses start and pop out in the evening for a spot of photography. The seabird colony was in full swing with so much action taking place, with gannets, puffins, gillimots, razorbills and kittywakes, all showing well.  I captured some lovely images; never get tired of photographing these magnificent birds. There were some really dramatic storm clouds around that evening and I captured one of my favourite images of the trip. A really moody seascape with not a bird in sight.

Over the next few days I witnessed some awesome animal behaviour with a number of great students many of which have become firm friends over the years.  So another Bempton Cliffs trip has finished I’m already looking forward to running my courses there in 2022.  

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