Macro Photography

Macro Photography

These hot and humid summer months are perfect for macro photography. Especially when we are looking for mini-beasts such as butterflies and dragonflies.

dragonfly macro dragonfly closeup

Generally, insects are more abundant in the warm spring and summer months so this is a great time to practise close-up and macro photography.

I have been taking a slightly different approach this year to my insect photography. After first borrowing (and then buying for myself) a set of waders I have taken to the water in order to get closer to my subjects with a macro lens.

This approach has really worked well. I’ve been able to get pictures of damselflies that would have been impossible if I was standing on the riverbank. By working along the edge of the water I’ve been able to take very close-up images of the damselflies perching on the riverside vegetation.

macro dragonfly side view dragonfly on leaf

Now, I’m not encouraging anyone else to jump into their local river or lake to take macro pictures of insects because these types of locations can be a hazard of course. But for myself it has worked,  because I know the river well and I know the safe areas to stand.

I often use my 200-500mm zoom lens to photograph damselflies and dragonflies when they settle in those hard-to-get-to areas but being able to get closer with my macro lens is a real bonus.

macro yellow dragonfly macro green dragonfly

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