Looking for a Cuckoo
Cuckoo on branch

Looking for a Cuckoo

Wildlife photography can be a very frustrating pastime but an extremely rewarding one too. A couple of weeks ago I took a trip to hunt for a Cuckoo. This one is quite well known for being fairly tolerant of us photographers. So after a drive of a couple of hours I settled down with a friend and a few other photographers to wait for said Cuckoo to arrive. After five hours of waiting did we see the Cuckoo? The answer is of course no!

This is wildlife photography to a tee. This Cuckoo is spotted at this location on a regular basis but on the day I went to photograph him there were no sightings at all. You just have to get used to the fact that wildlife does its own thing and there are no definite photo opportunities.

On the plus side I did get some nice images of a Redstart, a bird I’ve never photographed before. So the trip was still a success. As wildlife photographers we need to plan for one thing but adjust our thinking if things don’t go to plan. So all in all, a good day even if I didn’t photograph the Cuckoo.

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