Woodland Photography Workshop

Woodland Photography Workshop

Woodland Photography Workshop

Woodland photography at its best can be one of the most rewarding of photographic subjects.  From an atmospheric misty morning in the woods to a frosty forest on a winters day to capturing the lush new growth of a spring woodland glade in its full glory, there’s and almost limitless array of subjects to capture in our wonderful woodlands. One of the greatest things is that we all have a woodland or forest area close to home, which makes woodland photography very accessible for all of us.

On this full-day photography workshop you will learn how to shoot great woodland images from the wider view to the more intimate close-up shots. We will talk about what type of lighting works best for woodland photography and how weather conditions play their part in creating outstanding atmospheric images of our diverse woodlands. Forests and woodlands can be a difficult subject to photograph. On this course one of the areas we will concentrate on is how to take a complex woodland subject and simply fly the composition to bring out the best in your woodland photography.

We will also cover all the important camera controls such as exposure modes, exposure histogram, exposure compensation, depth-of-field, creative use of shutter speed, white balance, use of filters and also the more artistic side of photography such as composition and the use of colour in woodland photography. This course is suitable for beginners wanting to learn more about their camera to those more experienced photographers wanting to really improve their compositional skills.

This course takes place in a number of woodland areas in Essex. Which ones we visit will depend on the time of year. Some woodlands are good all year round whereas others are good for specific subjects such as bluebells in the spring or snowdrops in the winter. If you are interested in photographing bluebells for example, May would be a great time to attend this course.  The day begins with all course attendees meeting at a pre-arranged point.  Transport between the different photographic locations is not included but Steve (who is fully-vaccinated against Covid-19) is happy to car-share if you wish.  He will be driving a seven-seater people carrier.  However, if you prefer to use your own car throughout the day, the photographic locations are close to each other and this does not involve driving long distances. 

On each of my location workshops I have a maximum of five participants to allow for plenty of personal tuition time. By limiting course numbers I can teach a mixed-ability class making this course suitable for beginners, intermediate and the more experienced photographers. By joining a group photography course you are learning with like-minded people who in my experience enjoy bouncing ideas off one another and exchanging information, especially when it comes to camera equipment.

All my workshops are conducted in a fun and relaxed manner. I think we all learn more if we are not under constant pressure. I strive to make my workshops educational and enjoyable. If you have any questions during or after the course I’m happy to answer them at any time. Once the workshop is finished I will send you a full set of notes covering all the subjects discussed during each photographic session. I think this is also very important because it’s hard to retain all the information you are given at the time. 

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  • Price £80.00
  • Deposit £20.00
  • Contact (01245) 323519
Course Dates

Course dates still to come for 2021:

Thur. 25-11-21 – This date, now sold out 

Course dates for 2022:

Thurs. 24-02-2022 – Five places available on this date

Fri. 22-04-2022 – This date, four places left

Fri. 15-07-2022 – Five places available on this date

Mon 31-10-2022 – Five places available on this date

As the above dates becomes fully-booked, more dates will be added as necessary

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