Wildlife photography workshop London

Wildlife photography workshop London

Wildlife photography workshop London.

As usual I had spent the week looking at weather reports because my annual red deer rut workshop was planned for the Saturday 4th October. The deer rut takes place every autumn and it’s a fantastic spectacle to both watch and photograph. I was slightly worried because the forecast was not looking good, but after thinking hard I thought it was worth giving it a go rather than postpone the course . It looked like we would get at least three hours of dry weather in the day with a band of rain coming through then dry weather to follow again.

After running through the main camera controls relating to action photography on everyone’s cameras we got about three and a half hours of photography in to start with and what a start it was! The deer were so active this year. We saw and photographed three separate ruts. These animals are so powerful they make great action shots. In between the ruts there is so much else to photograph. Stags roaring, herds of fallow deer, green woodpeckers if you’re lucky. It has to be one of my favourite photography courses I run.

The rain did arrive as promised so it was time for a coffee and to look at some photography notes that I complimentary supply to all photography students on every course.

I think it’s important to adapt to the weather conditions you are confronted with, especially if you are already on location, so with this in mind I leant everyone who didn’t already have one a rain cover for their camera. With cameras now duly protected from the elements we ventured out again. I felt that there were some great photo opportunities awaiting us. The deer look great in the rain with wet fur and rain dripping from their antlers. Another great photography session was in the bag. I feel this just shows that you can make powerful and interesting images in all weather conditions as long as you adapt your thinking to the situation.

I had a lovely group of photographers on the course. Add to that a fantastic location and spectacular subjects to photograph and a good day was had by all. Very much looking forward to my red deer workshop next year: same time and place.


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