Wildlife Photography on Skomer Island, Wales

Wildlife Photography on Skomer Island, Wales

Earlier in the year I spent four fantastic days photographing the wildlife on an island called Skomer, which is just off the coast of Wales.
I travelled there with a couple of photographer friends. Our main goal was to photograph the puffins which make Skomer their home for a few months in the summer.
We arrived in July. At this time the breeding season is well under way. In fact that’s why the puffins are on skomer; to mate and raise their next generation. The rest of the year they live out at sea along with a number of other seabirds species such as guillemot, razor bill and gannet. I also photographed guillemots and razorbills on Skomer.
Along with my seabird images I also captured an adult swallow feeding its chicks. The images I took are my best shots of swallows I’ve taken so far and all the action took place just behind the building we were staying in! Skomer really is a wonderful place to watch and photograph wildlife.


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It’s taken me a fair while to go through all the images I took over the four days of the trip which is something I’m sure other photographers will identify with. After much deliberation I narrowed it down and have now edited all the pictures. I’ve included a very small sample of my Puffin pictures with this blog. I have more pictures of puffins now than I know what to do with, although I doubt this will deter me from taking a stack more should the opportunity present itself. Puffins are a joy to photograph, they’re tolerant of us humans and full of character.
So now, when I look back over all the pictures I took in the summer, it really brings a smile to my face which if you ask me, is what photography is all about. I’m very much looking forward to visiting Skomer again in the future.

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