Suffolk’s Hidden Coast.

Suffolk’s Hidden Coast.

Suffolk’s Hidden Coast

I had a brilliant day re-visiting locations along Suffolk’s hidden coast last week. I timed my arrival at my first location for high tide. An added bonus was that it was the autumn equinox which leads to very high tides. There was also quite a breeze so both of these things lead to amazing waves crashing against the old, weathered sea defences.


I took a number of dramatic shots with varying shutter speeds but my favourite images were shot with a shutter speed of about 1/8 of a second. This resulted in a nice balance between blurred movement of the waves hitting the sea defences, without taking all the texture out of the water. I didn’t want a completely smooth sea because this would have taken all the drama out of the images.


My second location was down the coast and the resulting pictures have a very different feel to them. I used a 30 second exposure here to smooth the sea out this time, which I felt worked really well for this type of subject matter: “Lonely cottage sitting on a wide shingle beach with a big Suffolk sky”.

Most of the images were converted to black and white. There wasn’t a lot of colour in either scene so black and white was definitely the way to go.  


If you would like to join me on one of my Suffolk’s Hidden Coast courses please check out the full-day location photography courses page on this website.

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