Snettisham in Norfolk Photographing the wader spectacular

Snettisham in Norfolk Photographing the wader spectacular

Photographing the wader spectacular at Snettisham in Norfolk


Snettisham flock

I had a fantastic time photographing over 100,000 waders at Snettisham a coupler of weeks ago.

Snettisham grounded Snettisham over 100,000

Snettisham is home to a huge variety and number of wading birds. There are over 100,000 knots plus Oyster catchers, Curlew, Red Shanks, and many geese. It’s not only the sight of theses birds that’s so impressive but the sound they make too. The air is alive with their calls and when the huge flocks turn in flight the sound of their wing beats is amazing.

In order to have the best experience it’s important to visit on a really high tide. This means the mud flats which all these birds feed on is completely covered by water. Which in turn encourages the birds to take to the air in mass aerial displays which are very similar but, in my opinion, better than the Starling murmurations often seen of TV.

These high tides don’t happen very often so it’s certainly best to check before your visit. The RSPB website has details of when the biggest high tides.

All in all, this was one of my best days wildlife photography ever. I shall be returning in the future.

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