Red Squirrel wildlife photography

Red Squirrel wildlife photography

Red Squirrel Wildlife Photography

I’ve just spent a couple of fantastic days on Brownsea Island photographing red squirrels with a couple of photography buddies.

Brownsea Island is probably the best location in the south to photograph red squirrels, otherwise it’s a trip to the north of England or Scotland. It’s the first time I’ve been to Brownsea and I have to say the trip exceeded all expectations. The squirrels were real stars and I’m really happy with the images I’ve taken so far. October is the best time to photograph the squirrels so I’ll definitely be back next year.

There’s lots more wildlife to photograph on Brownsea Island. Big flocks of avocets, spoonbills, so many different species of waders; I even saw a kingfisher flash past. But for me the red squirrels are the stars. It takes a little while to get your photographer’s eye working because when they move they move really quickly. It takes practice to track them in the viewfinder.

We were lucky with the weather although the squirrels look good in sunlight or overcast conditions. It was great to just sit in a forest clearing watching the squirrel going about their business in preparation for winter with late autumn sunshine warming my face. My wife thinks it’s all a bit mad but that’s wildlife photography for you.


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