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Photoshop is an unbelievable power tool for us photographers. I think that to get the most out of our photography, some image editing skills are really important to have. This talk is aimed at showing what Photoshop is capable of. I will run through a number of Photoshop techniques from basic stuff, depending on the general skill level of the group to more advanced tools and commands aimed at giving real flexibility to a photographer’s workflow. Subjects such as dodge-and-burn tools, selections, raw files and the selective use of layers can be included. The content can be varied to fit in with what the majority of your members want.

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The length of this talk is quite flexible. It can run between one and two hours. I am more than happy to take questions at the end of the presentation.

This talk is print-based, I will bring prints and easel. If you have a print stand, that would be helpful but it’s not essential.

I mainly talk in the Essex area but also travel into Suffolk and Kent. If your group is based a bit further afield, it might be worth considering adding a half day location workshop before the talk in the evening for your members.

 I would be guided by your members in terms of location because local knowledge plays a part for any location shoot. It may be you have a great patch of woodland nearby or a fantastic stretch of coastline we can work to capture at its best.  As with all my location courses I can pitch the tuition to the level of experience of the photographers present. I would certainly be teaching a blend of the technical and artistic sides of photography. From basic or advanced exposure techniques to the use of composition and light and colour for example.

The cost of a half-day camera club photography workshop for up to ten participants is £ 275.00 which I would then follow with a talk to your camera club in the evening.  The price for the camera club talk would be £70.00 

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My normal fee for giving a talk is £70.00  plus 45p per mile for travelling  expenses.

If you would like to book this talk for your club or group please either email via the “contact us” page or you can give me a call on (01245)323519

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