Photography at Venice Carnival

Photography at Venice Carnival

Just back from running my annual photography workshop to the Venice carnival. Although it’s a three day course we managed to squeeze in an extra half day’s photography by taking an early flight out to Venice, which was well worth it because the light was fantastic on that first afternoon.
I have always loved Venice. As a destination to visit, it ranks among the best cities in the world; especially so for photographers. There’s just so much to photograph from crumbling old buildings, photogenic canals lined with palaces, to the vibrant street markets. The fruit and fish market behind the Rialto bridge is one of my favourites.
On top of all this, at carnival time you have people strolling around in flamboyant costumes just waiting to be photographed. There’s just so much to point a camera at. I also took my students on a couple of night shoots. Parts of Venice look spectacular at night. The Rialto Bridge, Venice Arsenal and the view down the grand canal from Academia Bridge to name but a few.
Venice is simply fantastic but for a change of pace we visited the island of Burano. Again, this is a brilliant location for photographers. Each building is painted differently and very brightly (seriously) creating a kaleidoscope of colour.


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I find Venice such a friendly city. The locals are very welcoming. Everyone in my party came home with some superb images along with some great memories. I’m already looking forward to carnival time next year when I’ll be walking the streets of Venice once again with another group of photographers. The dates for 2016 are already on my website. Why not take a look?

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