Photography in the Scottish Highlands

Photography in the Scottish Highlands

Photography in the Scottish Highlands.

I had a fantastic few days in Scotland last week. The main reason for traveling up north was to attend a winter mountain skills course.  I intend to shoot a lot more in the mountains especially in the winter so I thought it would be a good idea to be safe whilst doing so.

Scottish Highlands Snow   Scottish Highlands River

Before the course started I had three days for photography. Having never been further north than Edinburgh I was thoroughly looking forward to this mini expedition. I was not disappointed! The scenery and wildlife in Scotland are fantastic. I was going on the course with a couple of friends; one of which I travelled up with which made the eleven hour journey fly by. 

Scottish Highlands Lake   Scottish Highlands Lake 2

We had the normal array of Scottish weather, from high winds and rain, to blue skies and calm, almost windless conditions which gave us some great reflections of snow- capped mountains in the locks below.

We based ourselves in Fort William which was where our mountain safety course was scheduled to start from.

Scottish Highlands Fog    Scottish Highlands Boat

So: photography, day one was around the Glencoe area. It was wind and rain but we still managed to get some good shot between rain showers. It was also very windy which made keeping the tripod still and upright quite challenging. But we all got some excellent shots.

Day two was over to the Cairngorms National Park to photograph mountain hares. We had a fantastic day with plenty of mountain hares to photograph in good light. Unfortnately I’ve lost my XQD card reader so can’t download my hare pictures. So they will have to wait for the next blog.

Frosty Scottish Highlands   Cloudy Scottish Highlands

Day three and we took the road to Sky and photographed snow- capped mountains reflected in the still waters of Scottish locks. We had great light, misty conditions to add atmosphere early on and blue skies.  Scotland delivered.

The next two days were taken up learning lots of new skills such as using crampons and ice axes along with how to assess for avalanche risk. We had a great (if tiring) time. I’ll probably write a blog about the course and add some photo’s in the near future.

Scottish Highlands Waterfalls   Scottish Highlands Mist

So will I go back to Scottish Highlands in the winter? It’s a definite yes from me!       

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