Photographing seals in Norfolk

Photographing seals in Norfolk

I had a great day photographing seals in Norfolk in early September. September is a good time to photograph grey seals in Norfolk because they don’t start having pups until late November /December time. This means you can get down onto the beach and photograph these wonderful animals from a low camera angle, which always gives the photographs more impact.

There was a lot of action taking place especially between the males and females. I went with the idea of photographing the males fighting for control of an area of beach. As it turned out the males and females seemed to be a bit cross with each other. In fact the females were far more aggressive than the males. It was very similar to when female brown hares fight off the males until they are ready to mate.



I shot all the pictures in the blog using a long lens which meant I could take frame-filling images without getting too close and stressing out the animals. Seals are very inquisitive when they are in the sea but are much more nervous on land. Although the bull seals are nowhere near as nervous as the females. In fact using a long lens also gives the photographer a decent working distance which keeps us photographers safe when photographing big bull seals. They can move a lot faster than you think!



The conditions for photography were fantastic most of the day. I had low directional sunlight, which is very important when photographing seals as they can have very dark fur which under-exposes quite easily. The tide was incoming which meant the waves were crashing in, giving a very pleasing background. So, all in all a great day’s photography. Can’t wait to go back.

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