Perfectionism in Photography
Backlit Reeds Perfectionism

Perfectionism in Photography

Photography is a wonderfully expressive art form and now that we have digital technology, we can practice perfectionism in this genre so much more quickly than the good old days of using film when we had no choice but to learn from our mistakes. Expensive and often disheartening.

Being able to evaluate our images straight away is a real bonus for photographers wanting to improve their photography. What we are aiming for is a comprehensive understanding of our equipment and technique so we can give our creativity free rein. I think digital cameras help us to achieve this aim more quickly.

There are many pitfalls that can still take many years to overcome, and modern cameras allow photographers to use amazing tools capable of capturing images of incredible quality but is this getting in the way of our creativity?

In the days of film, images that were perhaps very “grainy”, often adding to the sense of how we actually saw and remembered the scene as it took place. Sometimes we can celebrate an image that perhaps is not “perfect”.



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