My New YouTube Channel

My New YouTube Channel

About four months ago I started my own YouTube channel. What a steep learning curve it’s been. I’ve not really shot much video footage up until now so learning about how to record good audio quality was a real but enjoyable challenge. After buying extra audio kit in the form of external mics and dead cats (the fluffy bits to block out wind noise on the end of the mic – not actual dead cats) I think the audio has improved. I’ve also invested in a separate sound recorder.

Once the recording of video and good sound quality was sorted the next stage was to learn how to edit video. Another steep learning curve which I’m happy to say I’m getting on top of.

My YouTube channel is, over time, going to be full of useful photography tips and footage of great locations around the UK and beyond. So if you haven’t already, please check out my channel. Just search Steve Hedges Photography on YouTube.   Bye for now!





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