Distance Learning Macro And Nature Photography Course

Distance Learning Macro And Nature Photography Course

This four-lesson unit covers macro and wildlife photography. I think these two lessons work well together because many wildlife photographers are also keen macro photographers, myself among them.
The macro lesson looks at equipment needed for macro photography which can be surprisingly inexpensive. It covers composition, lighting, technical aspects such as depth of field, shutter speed, focusing the subject and focus-stacking which is an incredibly useful technique to extend the depth of field of the finished image.

The nature lessons looks at many aspects of wildlife photography. Again, it covers what equipment is needed for nature photography, composition, lighting, depth of field, how to control camera-shake, creative use of shutter speed, field craft and finding a subject to photograph in the first place.

This course consists of four video lessons: one on macro photography, one covering wildlife photography and another video on the equipment needed for wildlife photography and a video lesson on exposure. The four video lessons add up to 200 minutes of training content.

Along with the video lessons there are fully-illustrated back up notes. Last but not least, there are a number of projects to complete. Photography is a practical subject so it’s important to get out and take photographs. (That’s the fun part in any case). Once you have completed the projects, you then email them back to me and I’ll assess each image and reply with a constructive critique for each one. There is no time limit for this course – you work at your own rate. I think this is one of the big benefits of a distance learning course. If you have any questions during or after completion of the course, help is available. We are either an email or phone call away.

The course material is sent to you via We Transfer. If you would prefer to instantly download this course you can also purchase it at our dedicated online platform www. steve hedges photography online courses.com

The cost of this distance learning Macro and wildlife photography course is just £65.00 which includes all course material and email or telephone support. Whilst you are taking this course, you are welcome to a £10.00 discount on any of our location photography courses. Many of our students take full advantage of this!
If you would like any more information or wish to purchase this course please either use the Paypal and booking form facility (for Paypal, in the field where it asks for “workshop date”, please just type in “DL Macro and Nature Course”) or email us through the “contact us” page or you can call us on (01245)323519

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All course material and email or telephone support is provided. Whilst you are taking this course, you are welcome to a £10.00 discount on any of our location photography courses.


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