Infrared Photography by Steve Hedges

Infrared Photography by Steve Hedges

I recently had an old camera body converted to record infrared light. I’ve been thinking about having it converted for some time. A friend had one of his cameras done and after seeing the results it was time to act.

You can apparently convert a camera to do this at home; “do it yourself” so to speak, but it’s a bit complicated though so I had my camera converted by a company in Norfolk.
Not only do you have to remove the filter that blocks out infrared light, replacing it with one that allows infrared light through to the digital sensor, you also have to adjust the camera’s auto-focus because infrared light focuses at a different distance to the visible spectrum.

When it comes to the actual picture taking, all the normal things such as good composition and the right light are important. The sort of light that works particularly well for infrared photography is the hard light you get on a sunny day. Any green foliage just takes on an eerie white glow; blue skies go a deep black when the picture is converted to black and white and puffy white clouds just leap out at you.


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I’ve only taken a few snaps so far but I’m very pleased with the early results.

If you don’t want to go to the expense of having a camera converted for infrared photography there are filters available that allow you to use your normal camera for this type of photography. The only problem is that they are very dark which means long shutter speeds are required even in quite bright light.

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