Distance Learning Landscape Photography Course

Distance Learning Landscape Photography Course

This home study/distance learning course, as the name suggests, focuses on landscape photography. From the technical aspects such as controlling depth of field, plus using shutter speeds creatively to creating dynamic compositions and understanding how to use light and colour. This course is about producing images with impact and mood, which is of course what landscape photography is all about.

I find that the biggest reason people attend my lessons is their love of photography and their desire to improve their skill and therefore the quality of the pictures they take. Some students have become so serious about the medium, they are now submitting images to stock libraries. I also have students now embarking upon a career as a photographer.

Also covered is the use of photographic filters and high dynamic range technique HDR



Along with the fully-illustrated lessons there are a number of projects to complete. Photography is a practical subject so it’s important to get out there and take photographs. That’s the fun part in any case. Once you have completed the projects, you would email them back to me and I’ll assess each image and reply with a constructive critique for each one. There is no time limit for this course – you work at your own rate. I think this is one of the big benefits of a distance learning course. If you have any questions during or after completion of the course, help is available. We are either an email or phone call away.  In keeping with the classroom lessons, this course includes advice and support from us throughout the duration of the course and beyond in many cases. We still have ex-students calling for advice many months after attending a series of lessons. We are more than happy to help wherever possible.


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All course material and email or telephone support is provided.  Whilst you are taking this course, you are welcome to a £10.00 discount on any of our location photography courses.

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