Birds of Prey Photography Course

Birds of Prey Photography Course

On this Birds of Prey Photography course you will get the opportunity to photograph a range of stunning British birds of prey. There will be Barn Owl, Buzzard, Kestrel, Tawny Owl, Short Eared Owl and the European Eagle Owl which is making a comeback here in the UK after an absence of many years. There are 40 to 60 resident pairs now. Specific bird species cannot be guaranteed on the day because the condition of each bird must be taken into account. Animal welfare is always the prime consideration. All birds of prey on this course are captive bred. They are not wild birds.  

Eurasian Eagle-Owl birds

The course takes place in a private woodland area in Thundersley, Essex.

Meeting time is 9.30am and the course finishes at around 3.30pm

This course is limited to eight participants. There will be ample opportunity to get those frame-filling portraits of each of these wonderful birds along with fantastic action-packed shots of birds of prey in flight.


All the techniques needed to capture great wildlife images will be covered during this course. How to take sharp images of fast-moving action, focus modes for wildlife photography, shutter speeds and aperture, avoiding camera shake, ISO, controlling depth of field and white balance will be looked at in detail. How to get the right exposure, exposure modes, exposure compensation and the exposure histogram will also be fully explained. The artistic side of wildlife photography will also feature heavily. Composition and the use of light and colour are important considerations.

With regard to equipment, many bridge, mirrorless and DSLR cameras will be fine for this course. A focal length of around 300mm would also be fine. For example, a 70-300mm 200mm-500mm or 150mm-600mm zoom lens would be ideal. These focal lengths are based on a full-frame camera body. If you have any questions regarding what equipment is best for the day, please feel free to get in touch with me. A tripod would be helpful but not essential.  And of course, plenty of space on your memory card for all those amazing wildlife images!

Once the photography workshop is finished I will send you a full set of notes covering all the subjects discussed during each photographic session. I think this is also very important because it’s hard to retain all the information you are given at the time.


All my photography workshops are conducted in a fun and relaxed manner. I think we all learn more if we are not under constant pressure. I strive to make my workshops educational and enjoyable. If you have any questions during or after the course I’m happy to answer them at any time.

Kestrel Bird Perched Barn owl perched bird close up

The cost of this course is £90.00 per person.

Through payment of a deposit or a full payment for this course, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of our Photography Courses as stipulated on our Terms and Conditions page.

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  • Price £90.00
  • Deposit £30.00
  • Contact (01245) 323519
Course Dates

Course dates still to come for 2024 :

Fri. 19-07-2024 – This date, now sold out

Mon. 12-08-2024 – This date, now sold out

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This course is limited to eight people which means there is plenty of time for individual tuition.

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