Austrian Alps 2019

Austrian Alps 2019

I had a fantastic time running my Austrian Alps course a few weeks ago.



We flew into Salzburg mid- morning which gave us the afternoon and more importantly the evening to take photographs.


Salzburg is a brilliant city for night photography.  An imposing castle sits on one of Salzburg’s hills, beautifully illuminated. We were shooting from the top of another hill which gave us great views across the city and to the castle beyond. Many of the buildings in the foreground are also well-lit which gives us photographers an awesome view during the blue hour.  




The next day it was off to the Alps. We were staying at a lovely alpine chalet nestling in amongst the mountains at about 900 metres.  We took some really nice sunsets from the balcony of the chalet.


The next five days was spent photographing powerful waterfalls, mountain lakes, and a glacier at a height of just under 3000 metres, alpine villages plus sunrises and sunsets.


All in all it was the most wonderful trip, the Austrian Alps are epic and I can’t wait to go back next year.




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