Red Deer Photography Workshop Richmond Park

Red Deer Photography Workshop Richmond Park

This full day photography course in Richmond Park runs on dates just during October of each year because the red deer rut takes place at this time. Really dramatic wildlife photography images are possible with bags of action.

Look out for stags locking antlers in their battles for the right to mate with receptive females. The whole park reverberates to the sound of roaring male red deer challenging their rivals. You don’t need expensive photographic equipment to get great results on this photography workshop. A DSLR and a zoom lens with a maximum focal length of  300mm or equivalent camera kit will be fine.


Subjects covered on this wildlife photography workshop which will increase your skills and knowledge as a photographer include camera controls, with the emphasis on wildlife photography, composition, use of light and colour, creative use of shutter speed, selective depth of field, plus related subjects such as stalking the animal, the safety precautions of wildlife photography and of course the welfare of the subject; although at Richmond Park, stalking technique will not normally be required as the deer here are tolerant of people (including photographers)!

This course is limited to no more than five students per scheduled date as this way I can easily get around to everyone and personally tailor their learning experience


There are many other wildlife photography subjects to keep an eye out for such as brightly coloured parakeets, which add a bit of exotic colour to the park, green woodpeckers, normally found feeding on ants and of course the grey squirrels which are again, very approachable in Richmond Park.

Recent testimonial from this course :”Notes received thank you!  Please also thank Steve for making this another brilliant workshop – after last year’s Seals, I had high expectations and I wasn’t disappointed.  I have come away with some great images, but more importantly a better understanding of the red deer and how best to capture them.  My biggest concern was whether or not we’d actually see any deer but I know that Steve did a recce on Thurs pm and knew exactly where to take us and we certainly weren’t disappointed”. Susan Wright, Red Deer wildlife photography course 

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  • Price £85.00
  • Deposit £20.00
  • Contact (01245) 323519
Course Dates

We do advise customers to book early for this particular course to avoid disappointment as due to the short amount of time that the deer rut takes place, we cannot add many further dates.

Course dates for 2022:

Thur. 29-09-2022- This date, four places left   

Fri. 30-09-2022 – This date, now sold out

Sat. 01-10-2022 – This date, now sold out

Sun. 02-10-2022 – This date, now sold out

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This course is limited to five people which means there is plenty of time for individual tuition.

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