Favourite photography highlights of 2015

Favourite photography highlights of 2015

I thought I’d look back at my favourite photography highlights of 2015. Because I had a huge refurbishment job planned on my house in 2015 I didn’t manage to get away for many personal photography excursions.  My best photography highlights were during location-finding trips and at the beginning or end of workshops.

Always one of my year’s highlights is my annual Venice carnival photography workshop. The 2015 workshop  didn’t disappoint. I had a great group of photographers with me who really got into taking people pictures as well as the fantastic Venetian  architecture.  We had excellent weather to go with good food and the odd bottle or two of wine. What more can you ask for? As I sit writing this piece my 2016 Venice trip is only a few weeks away. Really can’t wait! The anticipation is building.

Another favourite photography highlight was finally capturing a shot of Corfe  castle in the mist. I can’t remember how many early starts ended with disappointment as the sun or mist or both failed to show. Last year changed all of that and it was worth the wait. We had the most wonderful experience as a mist-shrouded Corfe castle appeared before us.  After many pictures had been taken it was time for a well-earned breakfast. There’s nothing like a hot mug of tea and a hot plate of food after a successful shoot I think.

2015 was also the year for two new workshops in Norfolk, a county I absolutely love. Wind- swept  beaches, wide open skies, loads of windmills, ruined abbeys  and great wildlife. Massive photographic  potential. The things I remember most from the courses I ran there and the location-finding trips was the quality of light, especially the sunrises and sunsets which we were very lucky to witness and capture.  The seals of Norfolk are brilliant to photograph as well of course but I’ve  posted enough seal pictures I think.

Photographing the heather just before the sun set in Suffolk was also special. Can’t wait to go back this summer.

I was very pleased to have been shortlisted for the British wildlife photographer of the year and the outdoor photographer of the year for 2015. I will keep trying harder in these competitions in the future. I think entering photography competitions gives you focus and helps you to improve your photography. Something which I hope I’ll always strive to do.

Along with developing new courses  I also want to experiment with time-lapse photography and shooting more video. I’m also feeling the urge to shoot more macro this summer. Perhaps there’s a new course on the way. Watch this space……

I think what I’ll remember most about 2015 though is the fantastic warm and friendly people I met during the course of the year. I’m very much looking forward to having a camera-in-hand as always for 2016.

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