Foxes Close Encounter
Fox Bowed Head

Foxes Close Encounter

I had a brilliant wildlife experience a few days ago. I was invited by a friend of mine to photograph foxes.

Thoughtful Fox Bowed Head Fox

He’s been supplementary feeding these local friends for many years at a woodland area close to where I live in Essex.

Fox Looking Behind Fox Prancing

There are a number of hides set up around the woodland clearing which is great for the photographer because they take into account different directions of light.

Once set up in one of the hides it’s a case of waiting for the various foxes to come out to feed.

Shouting Fox Fox on Turf

I didn’t have to wait for long. They ventured out into the open and for the next three hours or so I was busy taking great images and video footage of the foxes.

What a fantastic time I had. The foxes are totally wild and it was a privilege to witness the behaviour of these beautiful mammals.

Hind Leg Fox Fox Stalking


I also shot a ‘vlog’ for my YouTube channel. To view it please follow the link.

The fox hides are available to hire so if you would like a truly memorable wildlife encounter here’s the link to my friend’s website.

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